Lucky Disasters. Between the mistake and the miracle


On disastrology, unlucky stars, paradoxes of fate seducing chaos and other impossible love stories.

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About This Book...

This book researches the enigmatic alliance with the whims of chance to attract disasters that bring an end to certain aspects of our lives. Sometimes the end never ends, sometimes we become entangled in a perpetual cycle of ends and beginnings. This book invites us to contemplate the paradoxical nature of our experience of luck and to sign up a long term collaboration with the creative potential of disasters when they become catalysts for transformation and affirmation of life.

This book has been composed like an octahedron. The eight polygonal faces correspond to the eight parts of this book. The book does not need to be read following a linear order and the different chapters sometimes contradict each other.

This book functions like a self fulfilling prophecy: I wrote it to convince myself.