Book of Games and Services


A text can be read and it can also be played with. This book is an invitation to see a text as a game, where you can weave together a narrative from the different bits and pieces, fragments, objects, and ideas, taking a hint from the author but always following your own way.

Book by Maru Mushtrieva

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About This Book...

Maru Mushtrieva, the author:

The texts in the “book of games and services” were never meant to be published in a written form. These texts were meant to be performed, listened to, and scrolled through so that somewhere in-between misunderstandings are happening.

It is a collection of practices of care and play, of listening, mapping, and projecting. We construct narratives to make sense of it, and they guide us along the way. Most important is that these narratives don’t start riding us instead.

From Circadian:

Every narrative is as much about the gaps and crevices as it is about connecting ideas into a coherent whole. Words follow each other and make sense, but they also leave spaces, and it is in those spaces that we can find the implicit meanings and the emotional fabric of a narrative. Maru Mushtrieva’s book is an invitation into her practice of thinking and writing in fragments. Multiple voices, unfinished sentences, something that is (better) left unsaid… The reader is invited to play the game of hide and seek with the meaning and to discover ideas in this interplay between improvisation and interpretation, which seems like the most natural state anyway.


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