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Everyone is an agent and everybody is special – just because they exist in this world and because they are different from the rest. This manual reveals the private ethical implications of this approach and the skills required to access that special in you.

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Everybody is special – even if just because they are different from everybody else – and everyone is an agent – even if just because they live in this world and the word itself comes from the Latin agent – “doing”, “the one who has a capacity to act”. However, not everyone knows how to access this speciality and what to do with it.

Following the practice developed by Special Agents we reveal some crucial intelligence skills that can be used for survival, inter~actions, play, and better understanding of fellow human beings.

We have manuals for devices and things, but almost none for the human beings. This publication fills in this gap and offers some practical advice on how to exercise one’s own special agency both within and the outside. It starts from introducing a framework of thinking, which is based on active dynamic cognitive reconfiguration of perception and thought. We introduce Special Agent’s re~programming vocabulary, which – after continuous use – has a transforming effect on one’s personality and immediate surrounding. We then move on to introduce several practical skills and physical practices, which can be used to support adaptive soma~cognitive states. Finally, the concepts of Venture Fiction, Cognitive Stimulants, Constructed Identities and Body/Mind Operating System are introduced in order to demonstrate practical implications of the approach.

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