Musical Lifeforms


The book on the practice of perceiving the movement within lifeforms and translating them into images, sounds, feelings, and meaningful experiences. By Koo Des / NSDOS.

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About This Book...

“Musical Lifeforms” is the first limited edition publication of Koo Des, also known as NSDOS. It talks about the fusion of the nature, human and machine to construct the new (life)forms.

In his process, NSDOS observes various lifeforms using different instruments from binaural microphones and 3D-tracking cameras to his own body and intuition. He then translates them into concrete soundscape and musical tracks often accompanied by the images.  Those artefacts are then fed back into the nature, to humans and to the machines for further re-mix and re-sampling.


Musical Lifeforms Practice

Read more about the Musical Lifeforms practice of Kirikoo Des / NSDOS and see the photos from his last event.