Musical Lifeforms Practice

Musical Lifeforms is a practice by Paris-based musician and artist Kirikoo Des aka NSDOS. In his work he takes great inspiration from using natural movement — such as the swaying of a tree, people dancing in a club, or worms moving inside a box — as the primary element to make music, to produce rhythm and melody. The result is a really organic sound, with the elements of fractal dynamics and complex interactions. In his practice Koo invites the participants to explore any creative process as a chain reaction spanning a wide range of fields, bringing together the mediums and artistic tools from the different contexts for mutual co-inspiration.

You can pre-order his book Musical Lifeforms in Circadian online store.

Below are the photos from his presentation at the Local Prophets event in Berlin hosted by CIRCADIAN / 3AM in December 2017.



Photos by Nailya Bikmurzina and Dajana Lothert

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