Activating Cities


Activating Cities is a practice by Noam Assayag, which is self-described as a practice on “the lost art of getting lost, reading the signs around you, following their lead, and creating your own”. In his practice Noam proposes to use the fragments of urban environments — a graffiti, a lost ticket, a narrow passage or a beautiful façade — to create your own signs, to weave them into threads, and to follow those threads whenever they take you… Treating the whole city as a material for collage and making a collage with it. The result is that you activate the city — for yourself, for the others, and for the city itself.

You can learn more about his practice in Activating Cities book available on Circadian.

Below are the photos from his book presentation in 2017 where he invited people to his collage-making practice while also showing how this practice can be applied in any other context — especially when walking through cities.

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