This book is a collection of prophetic dream texts and images found in the ribcage of an ancient Priestess buried in a Sky Temple of former Tibet.

Instructions for dreaming are included to activate the passage into the dream world in order to invoke powerful imagery from the subconscious, bringing it out and towards the outside, bridging associations, trusting in the power of the dream as a living force of intelligence for healing and expansion.

Psychick autopsy and translation were performed by Zmeu Pleroma, a cultural alchemist guiding the reader through death, dream distillation and ultimately – purification in white.

WHITE DEATH: The Sky Burial Dream Scriptures of Kaddish

by Zmeu Pleroma

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Zmeu Pleroma

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Zmeu Pleroma
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A pale light glows from an ancient Sky Temple in the last forbidden kingdom of Tibet, inside the deteriorating cliffs of present day Nepal. A sherpa falls, blinded by the light. A messenger of the dead in the valley of the sleeping giants.

A scientific team of archaeologists recite a mantra and ascend the white abyss of the Sky Temple. Into the alchemical salt mine.

Submerged in salt and coiled in a sphere lies Kaddish – an immaculately preserved Sky Priestess with snow-demon flesh and ginger hair. A gelatinous substance anoints her body. The white ouroboros around her neck.

Sewn into Kaddish’s abdomen are thirty-three hand-inked Tibetan folios. Dream relics from the sleep chambers of the Sky Temple. Stretching the pale membrane of the unconscious – harbingers of death, mutilation and ultimately – purification in white.

In preparation for the Sky Burial – a Tibetan funeral ritual of feeding the dismembered corpse to the white vultures, Kaddish’s skin was cut to the bone.

“For as in putrefaction all die, even so in White Death shall all be made alive.”

Translation and Psychick Autopsy by: Zmeu Pleroma



Hijikata Tatsumi




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